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Solar Energy Solutions

      Project Prospecting & Assessment: The "fuel" of a solar project is the most critical factor driving its commercial success or failure. Where is irradiance strongest? How much yeart to year  power variability is  expected? How much energy will ı produce on avarage? Without answers to these questions, it is impossible to assess a project's feasibility or manage your exposure to risk. We give you the context necessary to make smart development decisions for any project location around the world.

     Forecasting for Energy Scheduling & Trading: Every day more solar power comes onto the grid, makin integration and energy trading an ever-greater challenge. Vaisala Services helps you make quick, risk-based decisions that impact energy production, operational costs, and ultimately profitability by puttuing the most accurate forecast information at your fingertips.

    Power Performance Reconciliation: We help developers, utilities, and financiers make informed decisions in a challenging energy market. Evaluating existing assets to understand the root cause of under or over performance helps you make timely decision on maintenance, additional development, or purchase decisions. Our advanced solar deviation analysis combines science and information technology to help mitigate risk and build better economic value.

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