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Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager

Vaisala's new Thunderstorm Manager is the latest application to assist you in tracking approaching storms; it supports a broad range of applications from synoptic or national scale lightning surveillance to keeping local ground and maintenance crews safe and operational stoppages at a minimum.

The Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager tracking system utilizes Vaisala’s global network of lightning sensors (our Global Lightning Dataset – GLD360) for lightning detection anywhere, and our high precision lightning detection network in North America (the National Lightning Detection Network – NLDN, or the Canadian Lightning Detection Network – CLDN), to provide alerts in virtually any location around the world, including oceans.

Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager is a web based application that helps you track approaching storms in real time. Several advanced tracking tools are available, such as radar and satellite overlays, radar proxy, lightning predictor, and overlay of surface observations. You can use a desktop or mobile device browser to access the displays. One or multiple sites with alerting rings or polygons defining an alert region will serve to notify you about electric discharges taking place in the area.

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