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Lightning Detection Systems

Vaisala Global Lightning Dataset GLD360

Instantly detect lightning and convective activity anywhere over land and sea. Delivered as a dedicated data stream – no investment in hardware necessary.

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Vaisala Thunderstorm Warning System TWX300

Vaisala TWX300 is an automated lightning threat identification and warning for airports and lightning-sensitive operations.


Vaisala Thunderstorm Advanced Total Lightning Sensor LS7002

The LS7002 is a sensor detecting low frequency (LF) electromagnetic signals generated by lightning in order to provide extremely accurate geolocation capability with industry leading measurement of lightning strength and lightning type classification.


Vaisala Fault Analysis and Lightning Location System™ FALLS® Client and FALLS® Server

Vaisala FALLS® is advanced software used by electric utilities to query historic lightning information in a GIS environment, and analyze its impact on their assets and systems by generating maps, graphs and statistics tables. The software is user-friendly and provides the tools you need to demonstrate recommended protection investments to your management team.


Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager

Vaisala Thunderstorm Manager is the latest web-based application to assist you in tracking approaching storms. It displays real time lightning discharges anywhere in the world using Vaisala’s global lightning detection network (GLD360) and high precision lightning detection networks (NLDN, for example). It supports a broad range of applications from synoptic or national scale lightning surveillance to keeping local ground and maintenance crews safe and operational stoppages at a minimum.



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